Recap: Expanding Horizons: ROS-Industrial Asia Pacific Workshop 2017 - Singapore

The ROS-Industrial Asia Pacific Consortium (ROS-I Asia Pacific) hosted its annual workshop May 25-26 in Singapore. International, regional and local speakers discussed the importance of ROS and its capabilities. The event took place one week before the IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA 2017), also in Singapore.


More than 80 participants enjoyed the two-day ROS-I Asia Pacific event, which featured exciting presentations and demonstrations of ROS-Industrial uses and product success stories. Key speakers from Southwest Research Institute (SwRI), Open Robotics, and Fraunhofer IPA presented the progress over the past year since ROS-I Asia Pacific was formed through a memorandum of understanding between SwRI, the Singapore-based Advanced Remanufacturing and Technology Centre (ARTC) and Nanyang Technological University (NTU).

dr. David low (ARTC CEO) kicked off the workshop.

dr. David low (ARTC CEO) kicked off the workshop.

Tully Foote (Open Robotics) presented on going developments with ROS and ROS2.

Tully Foote (Open Robotics) presented on going developments with ROS and ROS2.

The workshop highlighted various industries using ROS and ROS-Industrial to support their robotic software needs. Examples included Robonaut 2 on the International Space Centre (NASA), GUI interfacing with HiWIN (PPM AS), Food handling (Blue WorkForce Robotics) and other manufacturing topics.

Many presented ROS and ROS-Industrial applications and uses in their own products. Sponsored by ABB, guests were treated to an abundance of networking opportunities during tea and lunch breaks.

Dr. Kimberly hambuchen (NASA JSC) presented ROS use in NASA at Johnson space centre

Dr. Kimberly hambuchen (NASA JSC) presented ROS use in NASA at Johnson space centre

Technology discussions on “ROS 2.0 Challenges” with Tully Foote (Open Robotics) and “ROS-Industrial Road Mapping” with Paul Evans (SwRI) allowed participants to highlight current industrial requirements and gaps in order for the consortium to distinguish key areas of focus.

Products showcasing ROS-Industrial use by MiR ApS, Blue WorkForce, and PPM AS were on display.

Various ROS-Industrial packages such as Scan-N-Plan,, PackML, motion planning, advanced 2Dvision, and 3D-point cloud sensor processing were demonstrated on robots by ABB, Fanuc industrial, UR10, Kuka, and Sawyer collaborative robots.

To learn more about the ROS-I Asia Pacific Consortium please visit the Join Now page.

Overall presentation slides, photos and videos of the event will be uploaded soon!

Day 1 - 25th May 2017





8:00 AM

Bus Transport pick up from Rendezvous Hotel to ARTC

8:30 AM

Registration, Coffee & Tea


9:15 AM

Kick off Launch

Dr. David Low, Paul Evans, Prof. I-Ming Chen


9:30 AM

ROS Industrial Asia Pacific Consortium

Min Ling Chan, ARTC

pdf video

10:00 AM

ROS-I Consortium Americas Update - highlighting 2016 accomplishments and future direction

Paul Evans, SwRI

pdf video

10:30 AM

Coffee Break


10:50 AM

Looking forward to ROS2

Tully Foote, OSRF

pdf video

11:20 AM

An Innovative Robotics Platform for Simplifying and Accelerating Deployments in the Food Industry

Hai Chang,
Blue Workforce Robotics (Asia Pacific)

pdf video

11:50 AM

Automatic transportation of carts using a Hook

Niels Jacobsen, Mobile Industrial Robots

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12:20 PM


1:00 PM

Photo Taking and Demonstration at Workshop (level 1), Exhibition



2:00 PM

2:30 PM

National Robotics Strategy for Singapore

Rayner Ng, NRPO

pdf video

2:45 AM

Multi-platform Digital Twins for Cobots

Dr. Steve Kerrison, ARTC

pdf video

3:00 PM

Coffee Break


pdf video

3:30 PM

Singapore’s Industrial Robotics Program

Dr. Marcello Ang, NUS

pdf video

4:00 PM

ROS Technical Roadmapping Breakout Session:
1) Challenges with ROS
2) ROS-Industrial Roadmap and focus points
3) ROS-Industrial APAC challenges

1) Tully Foote, OSRF
2) Paul Evans, SwRI
3) Min Ling Chan, ARTC

pdf video

5:00 PM

Wrap up for Day 1

Nicholas Yeo, ARTC

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5:15 PM

Bus Transport from ARTC to Dinner


6:00 PM

Networking Dinner at Spruce Restaurant

9:15 PM

Bus Transport pick up from Spruce Restaurant to Rendezvous Hotel